A Chance to a Future

The all- encompassing passion to travel and the dream of the open road is a gift from my parents. Sacrificing personal comfort, enduring bedbugs, exotic diseases, scorching heat, destructive sandstorms, plagues of scorpions or flies and many life threatening situations, are all in the name of archaeology. 
These travel and work circumstances are an adventure to me but the struggle of daily life for the people I meet. I have been fortunate to have been welcomed over the years by wonderful people that despite differences in culture, language, religion, ideology or interests have offered me an open, stimulating and creative environment to work and live in. The hospitality I have received in all the countries made me able to live and experience whole new worlds. I gained insight into “the other” and to critically examine each subject from all points of view.  

By these experiences I have extensive familiarity with the struggle for daily meals, clean water, natural disasters and diseases. I have been confronted with drought prone regions, conflicts, storms, displacement, lack of food and nutrition, lack of sanitation or clean water. This first hand experiences left their print on me and it is not something I can leave behind. I can’t stand the idea that people are in imminent danger of death and suffering. I won’t accept that the outcome of these circumstances is known, and that nothing we can say or do will change that.

These experiences inspire me to reflect and re-order my priorities in life. It does not allow me to forget and force me to speak on behalf of those I have met.
People living in poverty often have little influence over decisions that affect their lives. Many people are unable to feed themselves not because they can’t find food but because they can no longer afford it. Therefore it is necessary to provide aid with a focus on the rights, needs and concerns of those involved. Together people can get in power to act. 

HRH Prince Claus of the Netherlands said

 “One does not need to write cookbooks to eradicate hunger. When people die of hunger it does not mean they lack the knowledge of how to cook! They are capable of taking care of themselves but lack the necessary ingredients “

As an archaeologist I bring to life the history of people. History can only exist if people have a future. The resources of earth have been used by mankind since the beginnings of time. It must sustain humanity for as long as we live on this planet. We inherited earth from our parents and are borrowing it from our children. Let’s inspire each other to give the future a chance.